Monday, November 20, 2017

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Art gallery construction lawsuit targets Saskatoon company

The company hired to build Saskatoon’s new art gallery is preparing for a potential lawsuit by the city and blames a Saskatoon company for construction delays, court documents show. London, Ont.-based EllisDon Corporation, which was contracted...

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Why geometry is more important to offsite construction than data

In the 12 months since release in the UK of the Farmer Review, Modernise or Die, the perception has grown that offsite construction is where the industry is moving. However, if you discuss this with many contractors, offsite is only considered as...

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BIM, data and the future of construction

Stefan Mordue gives the impression of a man constantly on the go. A chartered architect at 25 who took on a masters in construction project management via distance learning, he has turned a fascination with technology, process and information...

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